I’m diabetic. Will I end up with an amputation?

October 23rd, 2009
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In short, probably not.  However, it  is up to you to prevent this.  Each and every diabetic needs to take hold of their limb salvage destiny and make the decision today to make sure they don’t lose their feet or legs.

Let’s start first with explaining why so many diabetics end up with amputations. There are two primary contribution factors: blood flow and sensation.  Diabetics run into a problem when they have a decrease in or absence of either of these factors.  Blood flow loss is may be referred to as Peripherial Artery Disease (PAD) and loss of feeling (or sensation) is referred to as neuropathy.

These two factors together or individually can lead to major problems with diabetics: foot infections, non-healing ulcerations and possible amputation.

So what can you do to prevent amputation??

1. Develop a relationship with a podiatrist.  The podiatrist will monitor the blood flow to your lower extremities and the feeling (sensation) that you have in your feet. They will provide you with useful information regarding diabetes, ulceration and limb salvage.  Additionally, you may qualify for Diabetic Shoes which will assist in the prevention of amputation.  Your podiatrist will be able to fit you for these shoes.

2. Put your shoes on!  I know this sounds so simple and elemenatary, but you would be shocked at how many people are walking around bare-footed with no feeling in their feet.  The same old story is “My wife yelled at me for getting blood on her white carpet.”  You see, the diabetic did not realize they had stepped on something and developed an open wound…. So put your shoes on!!

3. Control your sugar levels! Yes, the broken records begins again.  You are hearing this from everyone… so once again- control your sugars!

4. Inspect your feet daily. A quick look could save your limbs.  No excuses here folks- the best choice is to have someone do this for you daily.  However, if you live alone then you should do this.  If your mid-section girth won’t allow for this, then put a mirror on the floor and as you roll in and out of bed give a glance to see if you’ve stepped on a nail and didn’t realize it.

5. Put the cigarettes down.  Same old story… the nicotine is destorying your blood vessels which will make for difficult wound healing should you encounter an ulcer. So please, for the sake of keeping your legs- just throw them away.

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