Welcome Dr. Stover!

July 2nd, 2010

Hendersonville Podiatry is pleased to announce that Dr. Pamela Barone Stover is now seeing patients at our office. 
Dr. Stover, a native of Western North Carolina, has returned to her roots to join her father in practice.  She is joined by … more »

My skeleton is 25% foot bones?!

October 26th, 2009
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Yes, it is! Each foot has 26 bones and there are 206 bones in the adult human body. Your foot is divided into forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot based on the location of the bones and joints. The “forefoot” has the … more »

I’m diabetic. Will I end up with an amputation?

October 23rd, 2009
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In short, probably not.  However, it  is up to you to prevent this.  Each and every diabetic needs to take hold of their limb salvage destiny and make the decision today to make sure they don’t lose their feet or legs.
Let’s … more »